Sunday, 26 January 2014

5th in the North England cross champs for Nikola

Getting stuck behind a crash that gapped her from the lead , Nikola battled on for a strong ride to finish 5th in the North of England Champs, well done.

3rd in macclesfeild supercross for Nikola

Well done to Nilola who finished 3rd in the Macclesfeild super cross over Christmas , well done.

new riders

welcome to the team, new riders for 2014 Emma Sainsbury munn, Helen Gardiner, Eva Barnes,  Miriam Whitehurst, Adele Martin, Aimee Campbell, Charlotte Thompson, Rachel Hall, Hannah Ormesher, Welcome to the Team

Emma sainsbury munn

Vc ST Raphael are pleased to announce the signing of Emma Sainsbury Munn, the 2012 world masters pursuit champion and runner up 2013 and multiple medal rider at nat masters and euro masters level.

Eva 6th

Well done to Eva, who finished 6th in the recent crits at the odd down circuit last sunday. 

El 2nd at stouport crits

Well done to El Jones , she finished 2nd at stouport crits in the first round of the wolly mamil winter series. well done